Scary wi-fi connections

Two new announcements today:

First of all, comics are now posted at 1 AM on weekdays, but no longer the weekends. That’s still 5 comics a week!

In addition, maybe you noticed that if you hold your mouse over certain things, you can see some words. All of the comics have this ‘hover-text’ with a little note. Go back and see, it’s true!


6 responses to “Scary wi-fi connections

  1. hahaha i read the hover text all the time (:

  2. I thought I was special becasue I read the hover text every time 😦 oh well! I’m still awesome 😉

    • I’m genuinely surprised that so many people read the hover-text, I thought only people who read a lot of other webcomics would know… For a while I thought I was writing hover-text for nobody, glad I was wrong 😉

  3. They should be facebook posers and make a “like” button.


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